Our project is based on a family story and the love they have for their ancestral lands.It’s this love that led Louis-Marie de Castelbajac to launch Ortolan. Convinced that this legendary spirit was full of potential, he decided to modernize the image and perception of Armagnac, by conceiving a unique offering in the category, while keeping what makes its typicity: a single continuous column distillation terroir selection and grape blending. Our packaging and communication illustrate what we stand for: a non-assuming and laid back vision of a classic spirits, that doesn’t require any ceremonial to be enjoyed and should be building bridges between peoples from different horizons and generations.


Designer & entrepreneur, Louis- Marie has spent the last 15 years collaborating with international brands, developing visual identities, products and marketing campaigns. From fashion to FMCG, along with a strong artistic sensibility, he decided to put his recognized expertise in delivering impactful designs towards a project that resonates intimately with his family history.



Any great spirit comes from exceptional raw products. Our Armagnacs are no exception to that rule: we source our grapes from the best plots of the heart of Gers, on the border of Bas-Armagnac and Tenareze areas. Grown with care and skillfully transformed into white wine they will be the base that our master distillers will work with.


The wine goes through a single continuous distillation, in a copper column still, during the winter months, mainly between November and the end of January. Cared for day and night by our master distillers, this precise and delicate process that dates back from the origin of Armagnac, can’t be interrupted but will create very delicate eaux de vies, extracting floral and fruity notes from the wines.


At Ortolan, we believe that our Eau de vies are already amazing and should not be overwhelmed by wood or modified by any additives. Being given some exceptional base material and following our philosophy, our Cellar Master’s role is to accent the natural characteristics of the eau de vie, using mainly 2nd or 3rd passage black oak casks and leaving them age slowly in dimly lit cellars… 


The beauty and complexity of Armagnac resides in the endless possibilities offered by the blending of the different grape varietals and aging of the eau de vie.
Our Master Blender spends countless hours tasting each unaged and aged eau de vie, to select the best lots and then assembling them to reach each time the pinnacle of flavors that our house wishes to showcase in our signature Armagnacs.


Our castle

Built in the Xth century, Château de Loubersan is home to the Castelbajac family & birthplaceArmagnac Ortolan. Ideally located on top of hill overlooking the whole Pyrenees mountain range, it’s both a refuge and a source of inspiration for our team.

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