It’s as classic as drinks get. The Wisconsin Old Fashioned, is practically the state’s official drink. Doctoring drinks with muddled fruit was a popular ploy during Prohibition that was used to mask the taste of subpar spirits. the trick stuck around and remained popular in Wisconsin.

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The wild Vesper is a variant of the Vesper Martini,invented by author Ian Fleming for his iconic British secret agent, James Bond. The drink first appeared in Fleming’s Casino Royale, which was published in 1953.

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The Stinger is a pre-Prohibition drink composed simply of cognac and white crème de menthe. The odd couple is quite a pair, producing a cocktail that’s sweet, strong, minty and refreshing—the ideal interplay for an after-dinner nightcap.

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The Sidecar, with a century of history behind it,is probably the most famous of all classic armagnac drinks. The tart, dry cocktail features armagnac, orange liqueur and fresh lemon juice, plus a sugared rim, and it’s a an old New Orleans cocktail that has enjoyed something of a comeback in recent years.

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This 1970s-era drink is named for the popular film “The Godfather.” While the cocktail isn’t a common find at most bars, it’s worth digging into the past to retrieve this recipe. Calling for only two ingredients, it’s incredibly easy to make, but the nuanced flavor will leave you feeling like you stirred up something special.

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The French 75 is named for the fast-firing 75millimeter field gun that was utilized by the French during World War One. Consisting of armagnac, fresh lemon juice, sugar and Champagne, the drink is a lot friendlier than the name implies.

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The Corpse Reviver No. 2 belongs to a family of pre-Prohibition cocktails that were consumed for the chief purpose of rousing the drinker from the dead. In other words: They were meant to cure hangovers, increase vigor and otherwise improve one’s morning.

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